Working as one

Working as one

The initial idea behind Bankfield Refining Group was cost reduction, which will be explained in detail throughout the various sections of the website. In this section we would like to talk about something that even we didn’t anticipate at the start.

“Many hands make light work”

One of the biggest advantages that became apparent at the start of the project was how much we could learn from one another. As individual business owners, each of us had a self assurance that we knew everything there was to know about the running of a refining company.

How wrong we were.

As each of us brought our own ideas to the table, it started becoming very clear that the old adage of two (or in this case five) heads are better than one has a lot of truth to it. We have spent almost two years integrating this combined knowledge and experience into the creation of Bankfield Refining Group. 

Have a read through the rest of the website to learn about the numerous benefits of working as a group.