The processing of precious metals incurs many expenses. Fuel bills, safety gear, chemicals, expensive analytical equipment and tools that need replacing often to name just a few.

By working together as one and sharing these costs we are able to effectively cut our overheads by over 75%.
This enables a huge increase in the rates at which we can purchase your precious metals.

Utilising the most up to date analytical techniques available, we are giving customers a level of transparency and efficiency that they have never seen before. When a customer chooses to entrust us with their precious metal scrap, we want them to know that they have received the best possible return for their materials.

There is no excuse in this day and age of advanced refining technology for dentists to be left second guessing their precious metal returns. At Bankfield Refining Group we provide you with a complete breakdown of your consignment that details exactly how we have ascertained the value of your goods. You are also welcome to bring your dental scrap into our analytical department and attend your valuation first hand if you are not comfortable using the FREEPOST-Royal Mail Special Delivery service that we provide.

With unrivalled integrity, efficiency and transparency, Bankfield Refining Group is raising the bar for refiners everywhere.