Dental Labs

Dental Labs

We deal with dental labs from all over the UK and parts of Europe.

We handle the following materials:

  • Platinum/Palladium foils
  • Hand wash and Settlement Tanks
  • Extractor Bags
  • Floor and Bench Sweepings

Once your precious metal bearing material is in our possession, your consignment can be tracked from start to finish and our work site is fully insured for your peace of mind.

To determine the true value of your materials, a detailed and comprehensive analysis is essential. At Bankfield Refining Group we can analyse your materials to give you a full breakdown of the precious metal content of your consignment. On top of this, we use a government licensed assaying company to confirm our results. Thus providing us with the necessary certification required to ensure that you receive the best possible settlement for your precious metals.

Your scrap consignment is placed inside a crucible and heated at temperatures exceeding 1600 degrees Celsius. Copper, borax and oxidisers are added to the melt to help remove impurities and bind the metal content into a homogenous form.

The molten metal is then poured into a casting mould to form a bar. Once cooled we can take samples from the bar to ascertain a percentile of each metal that is present. Using these percentages along with the overall weight of the bar, we can calculate the total market values of each of the metals contained. (High volume batches are reduced prior to processing via incineration)

Due to the purity of Platinum/Palladium foils, these can be purchased without the need for processing.

To arrange a Fed-Ex courier collection or to request a pre-paid postal pack, please use our contact form below.

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